The Characters

The Russians

Victor Pavlov : Former-KGB agent; now working for the SVR Foreign Intelligence Service . (Parts I, II & III)

Isak Brodsky : Former mentor to the first Russian President, billionaire (Parts 1 & III)

Mikhail Kuznetzov : Former head of KGB Western Europe operations when Pavlov was stationed in the UK. Subsequently becomes head of the SVR Foreign Intelligence Service . (Parts I & III)

Geydar Karayev : (Azeri) Former KGB officer and colleague of Pavlov,  (Parts I & III)

Alexei Federov : Former head of Community Party Leningrad; Deputy Minister to Kuznetzov. Ambitious, deceitful and dubious political ambitions. (Parts II & III)

Lev Sokoloff : Internationally respected intellectual in economics-sociology.  (Part III)

Sergey Vasiliev : Rector of the Russian National Academy of Economics.(Parts I & II)

Ludmilla Fonotov : Nuclear Scientists who works in a special SVR unit and occasional Interpreter. (Parts I & III)

Anna Borisova : Senior officer of SVR. Brought by Pavlov from Moscow to assist with surveillance and entrapment. (Part I & II)

The British

Charles Kane : Former spy, field operations. Head of Intelligence Unit of British Secret Service that monitors ex-Soviets in the UK. (Parts I, II & II)

Iain McKintyre : Nuclear energy specialist and intelligence officer, works for Charles Kane  (Part I)

Ann Fretwell : Psychologist and Charles Kane’s research assistant.(Parts II & III)

Das Khatri : Investigative journalist. (Parts II & III)

Gillian Gordon : Professor of alternative economics at Cambridge University  (Parts II & III)

Arti Braithwaite : (Trinidad & Tobago) IT specialist (PhD Cambridge) Part of Gillian Gordon’s team, expert hacker.  (Parts II & III)

Dmitri : Russian IT specialist, expert hacker and collaborates with Arti Braithwaite

Lord Friggington : Former UK Home Secretary. (Parts I & III)

Jeremy D’Aeth : Former senior Labour Party politician.  (Parts I & III)

John Carruthers : Barrister and former Conservative MP.  (Parts I & III)

Lord Friggington’s Entourage : Lady Slippington-Cum-Low, Earl B’Astard of Shaggington, Duke of Ginnington-on-Lyme; Jeremy Effinghem-Bolt, Duncan Conning, Jason Slime, Lord Crapper-on-Yew. A mixture of nobility and bankers who surround Friggington. (Part III)

Jonathan Summers : Senior partner of global accountancy firm Schwindler Kraft & Blunder.  (Parts I & III)

The Italians

Francesco Vergani : Head of anti-Mafia of the Guardia di Finanzia (Italian Law Enforcement Agency under the the auspices of Ministry of Finance and Economy). Colonel in Alpini Regiment.  (Parts I & III)

Marina Sorrentini aka Svenson : Joint head with Vergani of the secretive unit established by the Italians.  (Parts II & III)

Claudia Martelli aka Rosella Lombardo : Works with Vergani on loan from FBI. (Parts II & III)

Franco Brambilla : Part of Vergani’s anti-Mafia unit of the Guardia di Finanzia.  (Parts II & III)

Cosimo Baglioni : Expert in regional development and part of Vergani’s team.  (Parts I, II & III)

Valeria Zanetti : Italian Ambassador at the Italian Mission to the United Nations Geneva. . (Part II)

Silvia Bedin : Researcher at the Italian Mission to the United Nations Geneva. (Part II)

Mpume Matabane : (South African) Employee of Danish Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa.  (Parts 1 & III)

Salvatore Rizzo : Lawyer of Sicilian descent. Link-man between one of the main Italian Government parties and the Mafia.  (Parts I, II & III)

Nicola Mazzotta : Captain in the anti-mafia unit of Guardia di Finanzia in Rome.  (Part II)

Piero Rossi : Deputy-Director of  the  EU funded European Centre for Post-Transition Policies. (Parts I & III)

Carmela Vaccoro : Substitute Head of Mafia clan whilst her husband serves 15 year prison sentence. (Part III)

The French

Laura Pellegrino : French national of Italian descent.  Works for a special unit of the French Secret Service DCRI. (Parts I, II & III)

Pierre Lecoq :  Director EU funded European Centre for Post-Transition Policies . (Parts I & III)

Leon Zaslavsky : French National and grandson of Russian Jewish immigrant.  (Parts I, II & III)

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