Background to Triple Edge

As the title indicates, this is a work of fiction and not in any way to be regarded as faction; but it would be wrong to say it has not drawn upon personal experiences and observations. Creating a story, especially a first attempt and one that is relatively complex, naturally draws upon a kaleidoscope of experiences that are ultimately used to construct a neatly fitting jigsaw. Having said this, none of the characters portrays people whom I have met, and any possible resemblance is purely coincidental. People don’t behave in the way I have described in this trilogy. Politicians, financial and legal advisers are not corrupt, sex maniacs, and void of ethics.

Inspired by my experiences of working with the Soviet Union, then later Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, I started work on the trilogy almost twenty-five years ago, but work and related travel hindered progress. My first exposure to the Soviet Union was in 1988 when I intermittently provided inputs to workshops for Soviet participants and my interactions with the region continued for almost ten years as an expert for the UN and EC in designing programmes for assistance and evaluations. During this period, I participated in formal and informal high-level meetings during which the future of the Soviet Union, especially Russia would often be discussed informally. I witnessed at first hand the turmoil of economic transition. 

The nature of my work required the research and analyse situations in order to suggest appropriate solutions, always in collaboration with the counterpart country.  At the same time, I am inquisitive by nature and do not accept what I immediately see or hear. I used the time of interpretation to watch faces and fathom out if the truth is being told. These observations were rarely written down, rather they have been stored in my mental database. The observations did not only include those of ex-Soviet counterparts but also those supposedly providing advice. At times I was at loggerheads with my clients with respect to their approach, and the suspected dubious intentions of some of the western advisers.

I would not characterise myself as a Russian or Soviet expert, but I would like to believe that the knowledge I gained from meetings, especially the informal meetings in saunas, ministers’ apartments or dachas, has provided me with an insight to the character and concerns of ex-Soviets and Russians. In particular, their pride and of course their history.   More on my professional background can be found on Linkedin 

Whilst the characters may be similar, this work is not another McMafia story or an attempt to follow up on the same theme. On the contrary, the main thesis of this story is that the West, and in particular the City of London and their buddies across the Atlantic, was a major contributor in creating the previously welcomed but now despised, oligarchs from the former Soviet Union.

But that is not all; the story builds around the theme that the oligarchs were allowed to achieve their status as part of a three-pronged strategy elaborated by an inner circle of senior KGB officers shortly after the 9 November 1989 breaching of the Berlin Wall. These KGB officers were fully aware of the impending threats to their Motherland, the humiliation their country would be subjected to and associated social unrest. Their suspicion that West could not be trusted to maintain the agreement to end the Cold War was confirmed many years later by the Jack F. Matlock Jr., ambassador to the U.S.S.R. from 1987 to 1991 and was present at the time of the signing of the agreements.

If the small inner circle of KGB officers had predicted that the West, especially the USA, would renegade on the Post Cold War agreement, what would be their counter strategy? This yarn speculates on what that strategy might have been, moreover, what kind of information did the KGB officers possess and could it have contributed to, among others,  the easy passage of a number dissents and oligarchs to the UK? Whilst the West has been bullying  Russia, as the former ambassador suggested in the article cited above, have the Russians been playing out their Triple Edge strategy with the West as unwitting accomplices? Naturally, the implementation of the patriotic ex-KGB plan is not without problems. Power games in Russia; the increasing influence of the Italian and Russian mafias in the economic and political arenas; and the distrust between the three European countries involved in the story, England, France and Italy. And above all, could Triple Edge have contributed to the outcomes of the recent BREXIT referendum in the United Kingdom and the elections in the United States? Whilst many analysists, fake or otherwise, have suggested that the global financiers rigged information to deceive the electorate; could it not be that these same financiers played into the hands of the Triple Edge strategy for Russia and their hidden Chinese collaborators to gain what they view as their rightful role in the world?

It is not my intention to make a political statement, it is genuinely what I have described; a modern-day yarn, pure fantasy and projects some of the worst sides of humanity: greed for power at any cost, combined with moments of passion, love, respect, healing of past wounds; and of latter-day idealists who have an alternative vision of the world. I must reiterate that this is pure fiction; do not expect any revelations along the lines of the Panama Papers!!

Five years ago I wrote the first two parts and then had what is commonly known as ‘writer’s block,’ luckily I discovered National Novel Writing Month and in 2016 completed the first draft of the third part. I am now in the process of editing and making sense of some 1600 pages of work!

I will simultaneously be inputting to Wattpad as an extra incentive to finish this work. Although I have indicated on their website that the trilogy is for mature reading, I will be uploading an “edited version” of some of the original erotic scenes.

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