Background to the case of the apparently smart geezer who speaks English against the not smart geezer who has an interpreter

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A couple of dodgy geezers if I may say so! There they are in court fighting over who-owes-who-what and talking in Monopoly figures. Mind you, when they played Monopoly in their own country they made sure they bought Mayfair at the price of Old Kent Road. After they escaped to live in England these geezers laid out bundles of hot dosh to buy bits of the real Mayfair, Kensington and Chelsea, where the not-so-smart geezer  (estimated wealth 11 Billion Sterling) also bought a football club. All this was possible because they were also rather good at cheating on the Monopoly Community Chest, they divided the whole Russian Community Chest amongst themselves along with few other dodgy geezers. They shouldn’t be in a civil court, they should be in court for mass rape, mass rape of a nation. That might sound a bit harsh but according to many  articles and books on the subject, that seems to be the way things happened- so they say.

The smart geezer (estimated wealth 3 Billion Sterling) who appeared in court yesterday was smack bang in the middle of it all, tried to influence the President, got himself into the Russian government to make his wheeling and dealing easier, or that is how the story goes. The real-life Monopoly game was a nice little earner for this inner circle of Ruski-Israeli geezers (members of the Russian/ex Soviet group of Oligarchs) who knew they were playing a game they couldn’t loose. When they were finished the only item that remained on the board was the jail. But that did not present a problem, they had all the “get out of jail” cards and anyway they didn’t go to jail as all the geezers had a well-connected geezer in high places. There are even suggestions that the top geezer was bent and siphoned off IMF money into his own and family bank accounts in Switzerland and elsewhere. But these are only rumours of course, but it does make you wonder though how a geezer, the smart one in court yesterday, who looks so much like a barrow boy from Petticoat Lane of the 1950s, can in the space of such a short time have so many billions of dollars. Not only that, in 1998 the not-so-smart geezer was just a regional politician in Russia and owned a clapped out Lada. Strange that eh?  Mind you, not so strange when you hear stories of geezers from their clan selling AK-47 Kalashnikovs, tanks and whatever from their mail order catalogues whilst sitting sipping coffee and munching croissants in cosy lake-side bars in Geneva. Only rumours though.

Anyway, back to all this bad feeling that has ended up with the smart geezer and not-so-smart geezer fighting it out in a London courthouse. How all this happened is a bit curious because  the smart geezer  was supposed to have been the political godfather of the not-so-smart geezer but it seems that the not-so-smart geezer outsmarted the smart geezer to the tune of 3 billion dollars. I will spell that: three billion, a figure that would go a long way to covering some the UK debt! This was all possible because the smart geezer got a bit too smart, he and a number of other dodgy geezers in Moscow put up the money to back the vodka swigging President so that he could win the elections, secure a second term of office, and they could then have a pay-back in the form of knock down prices on the remaining items on the State Monopoly board and the Russian Community Chest after the elections. All went fine and these geezers kept lining their pockets on the back of an increasingly destitute Russian population and thought they could continue to do so if they backed the a new presidential candidate, the ex-thumb screw and hidden camera geezer, (the sour geezer). When he was elected President, this ungrateful sour geezer started threatening the inner circle of whopping rich geezers by saying that the time of dipping their fingers or palms into the honey pot were over, a bit of a pointless gesture really as there was nothing left on the Monopoly Board anyway.

According to one story the not-so-smart geezer is friendly with the sour geezer and the latter suggested that they find a way to put the hots on the smart geezer to get their hands on some of the money. That’s about the time when the sour geezer was threatening to take away the “get out of jail free or don’t go to jail cards” from some of the dodgy geezers. When that happened,  the smart geezer, who was in court yesterday showed how smart he really was. He managed to convince the Teflon geezer, who was prime minister of UK at the time, that he was a democrat and potential saviour of Russia and that his News International style propaganda media was under threat. Anyway he finished up in the UK after arranging an Israeli passport in a matter of hours. We don’t really know what influenced the Teflon geezer to grant political asylum but I am sure there was a very solid case. In the meantime, the not-so-smart geezer says he was threatened by the smart-geezer to hand over 1 billion dollars for protection and the smart geezer accuses the not-so-smart geezer of “twisting his arm” to dispose of his share in a lucrative little oil business in Siberia. We haven’t come to the bit where another of these dodgy geezers involved in the oil business decided to stay in Russia and the sour geezer apparently hid this particular dodgy geezer’s “don’t go to jail card”; had him locked up in a Siberian, and disposed of the significant shares he had obtained at a bargain price in another oil company. Sitting in his Siberian prison cell, this dodgy geezer is also trying to convince the world that he represents a beacon for democracy and the future of capitalism in Russia, and put to one side the fact that he was one of the biggest looters of state property. But never mind that slight diversion! But no we can’t ignore it because there seems to be some slight connection between this geezer’s (partially) confiscated wealth and the newly acquired wealth of the not-so-smart geezer who also appears in court surrounded by a bunch of ex-KGB body guards to protect him. Strange they need them, they seem to be two relatively normal geezers but on the other hand it does sound very dramatic. Maybe they are worried that one of the geezers selling Kalashnikovs happened to loose one or two along the way.

More to follow as the story unfolds………….

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