Alternative views

© Roger Short 2010 –

Dublin Tom, a burley former civil engineer, was furious: his thirty-year old builders’ donkey-jacket with plastic shoulders and the company name written on the back, clung tightly to his frame; a pint of beer held out in his right hand; beer spilling over the brim of the glass, the outstretched index finger of his left hand pointing at the source of his anger:

“You shite! parasite, poncing, greedy, grabbing bastards; tell me what you do contribute to the wealth of the country and the ordinary man in the street?”

Jonathan, a financial trader who worked in the nearby office block; wearing a tailor-made grey suit, silk shirt and matching tie quivered at the sight of Tom moving towards him. Although Jonathan was used to being on the receiving end of Tom’s wrath, today the Irishman appeared particularly angry:

“As I have told you before Tom, the financial sector contributes to a significant proportion of the GDP of the capital city and the country as a whole”. He then took at a sip of his Bucks Fizz.

“Contribute to what! An additional half a million children under the poverty line by 2015; cuts in education and health services; pensions cut or non-existent; the country is on its knees! I’ll ram that bloody parasite shandy down your throat.”

“But, I have also lost money you know; I have had to sell one of my cars and the stress has taken a terrible toll on my relationship; Amanda is threatening to leave me”

“Which  one?  The BMW, Porsche or Mini? When you leave the cocoon of the high rise ivory towers to drive home to N1, take a look around the streets; those people can’t afford a first car let alone a second or third car; they can’t afford to feed and clothe their kids – You know what your GDP means to me in my language?”


“Grabbing, Damn, Ponces”

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