Labour and Brexit



As I have mentioned in other posts I am just a pleb, I live in another European country and understand the sentiments of ordinary many Member States that Europe will be better off without the UK. However, I strongly believe that Labour should drop its ambivalent BREXIT stance and argue for remaining in Europe and fight a coordinated campaign with other like-minded European parties for the next European elections, albeit that time is running out. Junkers policy statement has failed and is one of the contributing factors for the rise in xenophobia and populist parties. The European left must reform the EU, primarily by shedding itself of its self-inflicted “post-Cold War syndrome”. Labour needs to fine-tune some of its policies to reflect the damage of the neoliberalist policies have done and what is achievable. In the, past Britain has been at the forefront of social justice, unfortunately, the same party under Blair was not able to champion those ideals in Europe. This is a debate that Labour needs to take up as a matter of urgency.