Bayern Munich’s contribution to the humanitarian crisis

We hear so much in the news of the scale of the human tragedy facing the many refugees trying to come to Europe. There many organisations, small and large, many voluntary trying their best to help; often against a background of public intolerance and even aggression. The initiative on the part of Bayern Munich football club  to provide food, German lessons and football equipment for children has to be praised. This type of action raises the level of awareness of the problems amongst the broader population , bravo Bayern Munich. It seems that other football fan groups across Germany have taken a pro-refugee stance rather than the right-wing intolerance that was often associated with the typical football hooliganism of the past. Let’s hope other countries/clubs will follow suit.

The special relationship

I don’t know if the heat is getting at me, I’ve cut down on the G&Ts as there are not so many mosquitos; and I’m sure the Spritz and Pimms can’t be the cause. But, in the light of the incredible cover-up by the Tin Lady in the 1980s, I’ve been thinking about the so-called special relationship between Britain and the USA. This is a routine excuse for Britain doing stupid things to support the US. So, if the MI5 helped to “hide” the evidence of a massive paedophile ring in government circles, isn’t it possible that the CIA knew about this? If so, how did the USA take advantage of this information – pushing the neoliberal policies? Smashing the unions? Delaying democracy in South Africa? (If the CIA knew I’m pretty sure Mossad and their buddies in the Apartheid government knew). Could it be possible that the squeeze was put on the Tin Lady and successive governments to tow the USA line; or they would expose the bunch of murdering perverts in the higher echelons of British society?  What else has been covered up in the name of pursuing the interests of the stronger partner in the so-called special relationship?

Now of course, we mustn’t forget the chums in the KGB of the Former USSR. This happened at the height of the Cold War (placing missiles all over Europe to please the USA) but, also, at a time when many predicted Perestroika would be just around the corner. As we all know from the Hollywood propaganda films, the Ruskies are chess players and strategic thinkers. It seems to me quite likely that the good old KGB kept this information to themselves for use when, a few years later, the Commie chums wanted to launder money in the UK, buy up property, break planning laws; and above all ask for (fake) asylum and citizenship.

I don’t even want to mention the Arabs (arms corruption cases pushed under the carpet) or let alone the Chinese. I’m going back to a G&T (it’s getting a bit hot outside!)

All fiction of course. How would the Americans have know that Britain was being governed by a bunch of perverts?

(c) Roger Short 2015

Disciplined Minds

It was interesting to read this article in the Financial Times Few traders are likely to be deterred by verdict on Tom Hayes. I then went on to read The Libor Trial in 10 Quotes. It seems that Hayes and his companions did not in any way question what they were doing, let alone the ethics of their actions. I suppose many have thought/known this for some time, yet no matter the catastrophic costs of the 2008 Financial Crash to the majority of the world’s population; the continuous stream of banking scandals; exposure of massive tax evasion and money laundering by the “so-called” elite, they appear to be untouchable. What is most disturbing is that not only do they appear to be untouchable, they themselves believe they are untouchable. They have been gently indoctrinated; not by the  Mao Red Book or Programme and Rules of the Party; this has been a subtle process that has encouraged these people to believe that “they are doing the right thing”. This trial really is another glaring example of Disciplined Minds as described in Jeff Schmidt’s book of the same name. It seems that a large segment of the “professional class” do not question the ethics of what they do because it is they believe it is the accepted way of going about their work. Many would not have thought they were taught this in university or college but somewhere along the line “the fine-tuning of their brains” has happened. Certainly one “level up” from the professional classes; the so-called untouchable elite; the heads of banks, certain business leaders, celebrities, oligarchs etc. seem to have no qualms about their behaviour. In most cases they will never face prosecution because the “law is fuzzy”; they are happy to let some from the professional “disciplined mind” class take the blame. And of course, the general public will be happy to see that justice is being done whilst the main perpetrators enjoy cocktails in their club or a Pimms whilst watching cricket.

Should Junker resign?

The big question now is whether Junker and his entourage should resign. Junker was the architect of corporate tax evasion on a catastrophic scale and is obviously in “the hands” of the financial speculators who have undermined global economies. His management of the Greek situation has been guided by the economic principles of the tin lady, the second-rate actor and those who pull the purse strings for their own person gain.  It is time for change! Maybe the “imitation” tin lady that has to consider the problems of one of her major national bank (exposed through greed and managers facing criminal charges).That is why she has been so narrow minded with respect to the Greek situation; and that of other countries. Hypocritical is not sufficient to describe her behaviour.

Well done Greece!

A real result for democracy! Junker’s agenda claimed to be “My agenda is for jobs, growth, fairness and democratic change”. The Greek result is a wake-up call for politicians at all levels (regional, national and European) who have lost touch with the ordinary people on the ground. It is a wake-up call that says enough is enough; the financial world dictating/speculating on the future of peoples’ wellbeing for their own gain. Whatever the Greek situation may be, did any government in Europe (or the USA) hold a referendum in 2008 to ask the public if their money should be used to bail out banks and at the same time destroy their welfare system? No, they were not consulted and told that it was the only way out. Now those same bailed out banks will be sold to “friends of the governments”.

Chapeau to Greece. It is also a wake-up call for lobbyists in Brussels who have not looked after the interests of the citizens who pay their salaries; they live in a world of false smiles, back scratching, brown noses for the sole purpose of promoting ego ejaculation of their local politicians. This result will maybe start to bring them back to earth.

My website photograph

My wife took this photograph at the moment I was going to give another concerted effort on my book. It is taken from the garden of an agritourismo/guest house in the Monferrato area which, combined with the Langhe, has been designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wonderful countryside, peaceful and ideal for a writing retreat! The areas has fine wines and is also famous, among others, for white truffles. You can find out more here.