A Peculiar Triangle of Friendship Fake News, Real News or is it just summertime?

As an ordinary person in the street, I’m becoming extremely confused. For quite some time, we have been bombarded with news that the Russians interfered with the US Presidential elections and that somewhere along the line, the newly elected President may have gained financially. To confuse the matter further, it seems that one of the promoters of BREXIT had contacts with the Russians and may well have received some financial assistance to promote the exit EU project. Several hundred kilometres away in the sunny land of Italy, there have been constant rumours that one of the current coalition parties, apart from apparently securing the support of the Mafia may have been involved in some financial chicanery to the tune of 49M€, and have received support financially or in kind from the Russians.

It transpired this week that President Trump is so impressed with Italy’s anti-immigrant stance that he has intimated at US support to pay the Italian debt. The other coalition party in the current Italian Government has made a similar claim regarding Russia’s apparent willingness to underwrite some of Italy’s debt.

This all sounds a bit Mickey-Mouse to me, or is it? But the question is why? What can explain these gestures (or jest-ures) of international philanthropy towards a country that seems to be constantly in the headlines for all the wrong reasons (increasing racism and associated political instability that is impacting on the economy (Spread) and future FDI? Of critical importance, one needs to wonder who are the puppet masters (Russians and/or Mafia) and what leverage do they have on the likes of Trump, BREXIT promoters and the Italian Government?  And, who has the upper hand?

A very interesting triangular relationship – but then it could be the sunny season and all those Spritz and G&Ts! Even reporters are human and make mistakes.

However, it does seem that my prologue to Triple Edge is not so far-fetched (written some years ago!). Note also my blog post of four  years ago Strange Bed Fellows – The Rise of European Right Wing Parties and Russia’s Influence