What you will find here

This website is mainly focused on writing interests and, I suppose, a little bit more.

My main fiction writing project for the last few years has been the trilogy Triple Edge – A Modern Day Yarn. An exciting story of the linkages between the Russian and Italian Mafias; the City of London;  a story of greed, arrogance, debauchery and blackmail that results in politicians being entrapped into implementing policies that unwittingly suit the ambitions of Russia and China in the global arena.

Whilst undertaking background research and reading for my fiction trilogy, I decided to start a series of shorter stories, blog commentaries, on political issues, in particular, the post-financial crisis and the oligarchs of ex-Soviet origin. I have now revitalised this activity and appears under The Geezer: Comments on Daily News  

The Bits and Pieces section includes  New Writing Projects that outlines some of the writing projects I am currently preparing and a links section that covers a broad spectrum of issues that interest me and which is regularly updated.

The Blog provides updates on my writing progress, feeds from other social media and occasionally items from The Geezer will also appear here.





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