Fifty-nine days to count down – The heat is on – Everybody’s Fault but the Tories!

The Government is in a mess, Parliament is in a mess and two-thirds of the population does not feel they are not represented by the main political parties. But one thing is for sure, it is somebody else’s fault. Especially the EU who, from reading some of the comments in newspapers, are being vindictive and want to punish the UK. There may be an element of truth. But the Brexit negotiations were based on a set of “club rules” that the UK was a party to drafting. Maybe the UK should have done some swatting on what those rules entailed before launching Article 50. The mentality of the negotiation for leaving was not very different from the years of opt-outs. The EU institutional memory of the past 25 years should not be forgotten; the UK’s self-perception that the nation is different, superior, typified by comments à la former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and others who have routinely insulted UK’s European partners. These combined factors of opt-outs, insults and moving the goal posts has created an atmosphere of distrust and the UK is being treated accordingly. Both UK Parties and many politicians are guilty of continuing with that mentality, the probable exception being Keir Starmer and a minute group of scattered individuals. Of course, the narrative is now that it’s the EU’s fault for being vindictive, Eire not wanting to join the UK, and of course Labour. Everybody’s fault but the Tory Party that embarked upon this journey upon unknown stormy seas in the spirit of Sir Francis Drake or Sir Walter Raleigh