​Brexiteers and history


As Brexit becomes closer, I have read with interest the evolving discussion concerning the UK attitude to Europe and vice-versa. One that has particularly struck me appeared in today ‘s Guardian Hardline Brexiteers are misreading history,

…reason Britain could never make its peace with the EU was that we are one of only four European countries not to have endured occupation or dictatorship this last century

comments by the pro-Brexit economist, historian Roger Bootle Quoted from the above article by Richard Goodwin 25 January 2019

This is a classic example of the attitude of many of the Brexit negotiators – one of arrogance and sense of superiority over all those residing beyond the shores of Britain.

One only has to read Entitled: A Critical History of the British Aristocracy by Chris Bryant to understand that Britain and many of its colonies were under a form of dictatorship for centuries lead a bunch of conniving elites whose wealth had been gained by, among others in a very long list: piracy, massacre of indigenous peoples for their own private gain, theft of property following the Reformation, Enclosures, Slavery (which they only agreed to abolish when compensated), inbreeding to maintain their status, murder of family members, general debauchery involving the rape of local women and boys or even family relatives, sucking up to the whims of equally deranged and perverted monarchs to gain more privileges such as status (titles) and opportunities to exploit the lower classes.

That kind of behaviour doesn’t seem to be very different from dictatorships or that of the average Despot outside of Europe, whom the “elites’ descendants” happily assist in hiding their money in off-shore accounts.