The Brexit Dilemma

I am a UK citizen by birth but haven’t lived in the UK since 1980 and thus did not have the possibility to vote. I look on in amazement at what is happening to my country of birth. I am worried about how misinformed the population is about the EU; its origins, what it does and its role in the global arena, in particular taking the lead on sustainable development and climate change mitigation. Putting aside the jingoistic comments by those who voted Leave, I am most concerned me the most is the naivety of many of the comments in newspapers of presumably well informed and level-headed readers. Notwithstanding what appears to be severe Brexit crisis syndrome, despair at the situation, many comments for those arguing for remain seem to have an underlying belief that the UK is entitled to some form of special treatment. Unfortunately, the current situation has been self-inflicted and has been on the horizon since the Thatcher years; Blair did very little to change the British perceptions of the EU and also had his fair share of opt-outs. So back to the worrying naive comments: People’s Vote-Second Referendum? one only has to read the various articles in the Guardian on the considerable pro-Brexit sentiments that persist in the country (e.g. Peterborough yesterday)- it will not be a clear-cut case; blaming Corbyn-that’s all too easy – he has been stuck in a straight-jacket and already being blamed for the Tory incompetences; renegotiate? renegotiate what? The UK has been told quick clearly that there is no room for further negotiations. Norway-EFTA? the UK is not wanted as a member. I’m afraid that the UK population has been outmanoeuvred by a group driven by self-interest that has patiently been planning this for years, first by supporting Thatcher and then the malleable Blair to promote the gradual disintegration of the UK’s social fabric to suit their own ends.

To take this further, I only see two options. Hard Brexit and a period of chaos and isolation, this will possibly serve the EU interests as a warning to the other Member States that have a degree of anti-EU sentiments what could happen to them.  I don’t believe the EU and EC are being vindictive but such as a situation would serve their interests. Even as a committed European, we have to recognise the faults and the interests that influence EU policies. On the other hand, there is the option I have suggested concerning Labour. Corbyn hinted at this in the recent meeting in Portugal. They must put the arguments forward of how they will address the issues that caused the Brexit vote and why it is best to work within Europe to make the necessary changes on a Continental scale. This will require full engagement in the next European Parliamentary Elections, the UK status on this I am not clear about. By not taking this route, the Tories and Hard Brexit will allow them to pursue their policies of dismantling the welfare state; and at a European level, it could risk business as usual with a few policy tweaks. Time is running out at national and European levels. 

Despite the constraints that Labour has, I strongly believe that it is time for them to take command, face the consequences and the wrath of the MSM and to fully engage in the proposals by the Social Democrat group in the European Parliament to force the necessary reform of the EU institutions and policies.