Some reflections – Post Brexit Referendum

I don’t want to appear condescending but over the past two-plus years since the post-referendum, there are two subjects that have forced me to vent my ire. (1) A segment of the UK population, (especially the Brexiters, politicians and those who have posted comments here) thought that the UK was the focus of European attention and that in the end, the EU would surrender to the UK demands. The truth is, as I mentioned many times in my comments, apart from the day after the referendum and the last week, Brexit has not received the attention of continental newspapers if it did, it would have appeared somewhere near the birth, death and marriages (divorce!) notices. (2) Being half Italian and having lived in a number of EU countries, I have been particularly annoyed at the level of superiority and ridicule directed at some of these countries, in particular, my adopted country Italy. A past front cover of the Economist Bring on the Clowns when the Five Star Movement gained popularity, typifies the UK stereotypical opinion of EU partners. It is therefore with some satisfaction to see the coverage of the evolving chaos in the press of EU Member States. As somebody else has remarked in the Guardian, the Italians are becoming quite proud of the fact that they are (maybe) no longer regarded as the most chaotically governed country in Europe.