BREXIT Dilly Dallying

This dilly dallying is not going to serve anyone other than the speculators (think how much they have made over the last week) and cause even greater harm for that segment of society who voted BREXIT because they are at the receiving end of  the UK government’s austerity programmes. There is no point in believing that the terms both Johnson is proposing and Cameron basically repeating yesterday in Brussels will be met. Cameron has already been through a negotiation process and that was not accepted by the electorate. So why believe that the outcome of a future negotiation process is going to be any different?

So for the good of the UK (or whatever may remain after a BREXIT) and for the countries of Europe who want to push ahead with a more integrated Europe, just get on with it. One can keep on about the narrow majority but how many times has Britain been governed by governments that have received less than 40% of the vote in elections?

Neither the UK population nor the Europeans should be held to ransom as a result of a bunch of men with bloated egos who don’t have the interests of the country as their priority. This goes for both sides. The current work plan of the Commission is interrupted each time the UK wants special conditions or opt outs. UK voters decided that they did not want to part of this plan but for the benefit of 400+ million Europeans allow them to get on with it.

BREXIT has been a wake-up call for Europe and hopefully there will be some move towards the original philosophy of the founding six countries and in particular “jobs, inclusion and a new democracy”.  It is still early days but there are some indications that this may happen; including a re-assessment of the relationship with Russia which has always been shackled by the UK pushing the US agenda.

In the days following the Referendum result I have read the opinions of many left leaning commentators whom I respect. However, just to criticise EU as being a block that represents the interests of multinationals is not going to go anywhere. How are the left  and trade unions in an isolated UK (or England & Wales) going to have any weight in the fight/discussion to return Europe to more human values? There is a growing momentum across Europe to roll back the power of the multinationals, major tax evaders, banks and the financial speculators; unless there is a strong left within Europe to take up a united front, the risk is that  the far-right, such as UKIP, will increase their appeal through distorted information; and not serve the interests of the majority of the populations of Europe and future generations in an increasingly globalised and technological world.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, an immediate start to the BREXIT process is going to minimise the impact on the angry part of the population who voted to Leave. It may also bring about important changes to how the UK (and its parts) are governed and above all how Europe is governed.