The New Mayor of London

The new mayor of London is already giving Corbyn advice. So there is a new London mayor and the first Muslim mayor of a major European capital. I wonder how much will change? I can remember all the promises Blair had made; but in the end what happened?  He virtually continued the Tory economic policies to keep big business and the financial sector happy – result 2008 crash which everyone (apart from the 1%) feels the consequences of on a daily basis. Blair joined the USA and led the country into a military conflict in the Middle East and the era of “politics of fear” that we also are made aware of on a daily basis. Despite these disasters we are still told that the Labour Party should continue the New Labour Blairite Line. Is that what we really want? Shouldn’t there be an opposition that has a clear set of policies that take us down the road of a more equitable society? Let’s hope that after the referendum Corbyn may start to spell out what those policies might be. Just dangling in the middle road is going to turn more and more of our democracy over to the finance and corporate sectors. If Corbyn and the Labour Party are not prepared to come up with alternatives we may as well have a grand coalition; or come out in the open and admit that we have a dictatorship that is run by a junta comprised  of the Lord Mayor of the City of London Corporation in partnership with the head of CBI, banks and  the Big Four accountancy firms.