Ken Livingstone – A victim of political correctness?

How much of the furore around Ken Livingstone’s supposedly antisemitism comments is being manipulated by vested interests  under the shield of “political correctness”. I say shield because political correctness is now being used to stifle debate. Livingstone was not referring to a particular group (ethnic, gender, gay etc.)to which certain advocates of political correctness would respond (correctly) by saying  “tut-tut” or taking even stronger offence (incorrectly) as in the particular case. Ken Livingstone was referring to the Israeli-Palestine problem. We must not forget that Israel was the key ally  of the Apartheid government in South Africa; a major supplier of arms and collaborated on a nuclear programme; obviously with the blessing of the US who, along with Thatcher, was not too keen on the dismantling of the Apartheid regime.

If  Ken Livingstone did insult Jews he should be remanded; but if he was referring to Israel being a fascist state, he should be free to say so. Israel’s  behaviour towards Palestine is not too different to the politics of Apartheid; Palestinians are being deprived of water; have their land grabbed and above all their fundamental human rights are abused on a daily basis. Stifling  debate  using a  phoney “political correctness” bandwagon only serves the interests of  certain media magnets who want to manipulate the public and control their puppet politicians; stifle debate; and continue the myth that it is all the fault of the Palestinians.