Selective News

I have no comment to the content of this article that appeared in the Guardian today,  other than  to say that certain Danish newspapers are questioning the logic of the DK Government. This type of headline reporting in the Guardian supports the newspaper’s policy of  continuing to walk on the tight rope of trying to keep both sides of the argument happy. The Guardian did not allow comments  to this article; had there been there would have been a majority in support of the Danish action. This would really have tarnished the image of the newspaper.  Anyone who has taken the time to read the recent comments pages, especially those relating to the German and Austrian so-called welcoming of the refugees, will have been shocked by the racist and inhumane comments by an apparently “enlightened” readership. These comments are often shrouded in anti-EU statements and link the German decision to take the refugees with a German desire to dominate European policies. So, one can only conclude that by having the Danish story as one of today’s headlines, the Guardian is attempting to appease its increasingly isolationist and intolerant readership. One has to ask how is it possible to arrive at this situation? Obviously, it is the content of the newspaper itself that through badly researched and often very subjective “breaking-news” style  reporting has been able to subtly shape the opinions of the once “enlightened and socially aware readership”. One also has to ask whether there are hidden sponsors for this type of journalism.