The special relationship

I don’t know if the heat is getting at me, I’ve cut down on the G&Ts as there are not so many mosquitos; and I’m sure the Spritz and Pimms can’t be the cause. But, in the light of the incredible cover-up by the Tin Lady in the 1980s, I’ve been thinking about the so-called special relationship between Britain and the USA. This is a routine excuse for Britain doing stupid things to support the US. So, if the MI5 helped to “hide” the evidence of a massive paedophile ring in government circles, isn’t it possible that the CIA knew about this? If so, how did the USA take advantage of this information – pushing the neoliberal policies? Smashing the unions? Delaying democracy in South Africa? (If the CIA knew I’m pretty sure Mossad and their buddies in the Apartheid government knew). Could it be possible that the squeeze was put on the Tin Lady and successive governments to tow the USA line; or they would expose the bunch of murdering perverts in the higher echelons of British society?  What else has been covered up in the name of pursuing the interests of the stronger partner in the so-called special relationship?

Now of course, we mustn’t forget the chums in the KGB of the Former USSR. This happened at the height of the Cold War (placing missiles all over Europe to please the USA) but, also, at a time when many predicted Perestroika would be just around the corner. As we all know from the Hollywood propaganda films, the Ruskies are chess players and strategic thinkers. It seems to me quite likely that the good old KGB kept this information to themselves for use when, a few years later, the Commie chums wanted to launder money in the UK, buy up property, break planning laws; and above all ask for (fake) asylum and citizenship.

I don’t even want to mention the Arabs (arms corruption cases pushed under the carpet) or let alone the Chinese. I’m going back to a G&T (it’s getting a bit hot outside!)

All fiction of course. How would the Americans have know that Britain was being governed by a bunch of perverts?

(c) Roger Short 2015