Well done Greece!

A real result for democracy! Junker’s agenda claimed to be “My agenda is for jobs, growth, fairness and democratic change”. The Greek result is a wake-up call for politicians at all levels (regional, national and European) who have lost touch with the ordinary people on the ground. It is a wake-up call that says enough is enough; the financial world dictating/speculating on the future of peoples’ wellbeing for their own gain. Whatever the Greek situation may be, did any government in Europe (or the USA) hold a referendum in 2008 to ask the public if their money should be used to bail out banks and at the same time destroy their welfare system? No, they were not consulted and told that it was the only way out. Now those same bailed out banks will be sold to “friends of the governments”.

Chapeau to Greece. It is also a wake-up call for lobbyists in Brussels who have not looked after the interests of the citizens who pay their salaries; they live in a world of false smiles, back scratching, brown noses for the sole purpose of promoting ego ejaculation of their local politicians. This result will maybe start to bring them back to earth.