The Crimea

The idea of the “big show down” started with Reagan and Thatcher in the 1980s i.e. Cruise Missiles and thinking that they could bring USSR to its knees. Then came Perestroika, the gradual easing of the Soviet system; but that was not enough. They (Thatcher, Reagan and other disciples of Friedman) had to really wanted to humiliate the USSR; and prove that the western system, particularly US & UK capitalism would win. Don’t think that the hardliner Russian and KGB elites have forgotten this humiliation! Although this elite reluctantly   allowed the USSR to break up, their strategy has always to reconstruct the Union in one form or another with Russian domination. The Russians have been very strategic; they have conned us with the so-called oligarchs who are the vehicle to buy up key western assets. Billions have been poured into our economies, particularly Britain,  and now they have us over a barrel. As long as the entourage of advisers in London (financial and legal)  are making money out of the Russians and the former USSR oligarchs nothing will happen. Why has Cameron been holding back on sanctions? The City of course. This is also confirmed in the current issue of the Economist



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