What you will find here!


This is what you will find on my blog:

  • Something about me
  • A lot about my upcoming trilogy Triple Edge – Decadence , characters, scenes, locations. An exciting story of greed, arrogance and debauchery following the break up of the former Soviet Union. It is also a story of Russia’s ambitions in the global arena.
  • Pipeline writing projects
  • Some of the ups and downs of writing and where to I have sought help
  • Occasional short stories
  • Links to other sources – I’ll add links to your stuff also.

By clicking Like on Facebook or following on Twitter, I will send you a copy of the Prologue. In a few weeks I will then send you some selected chapters.


I am a budding fiction writer currently working on a slightly tongue in cheek crime trilogy: Triple Edge – Decadence that deals with the linkages between organised crime, the financial institutions of the City of London and politics.

I tend to describe myself as a prolific reader and enjoy reading fiction of many genres but with a tendency towards, crime, thriller, humour and writers of non anglo-saxon ethnic backgrounds. I also read non fiction (politics, media/communication, development, gender and economics), and of course the many articles and data that I read for my book research.

I have always wanted to be a writer. As trainee engineers, I recall sitting in a tree on a construction site with my friend Fred Hurr  reading books and discussing our common dream to one day become published authors. My work has always involved a considerable amount of writing but taking the time to fulfil the dream of writing fiction has always eluded me. Over the years I have started, paused for all too long intervals (I suppose I am not alone!) By late September 2013 I had passed 250 pages (2 years work) and was becoming disillusioned about progress. Then I attended a Writers and Artist Seminar in November; listened to Joanna Penn ; what inspiration! I have started to follow her advice and hopefully I am on the road to completing my work. Of course there are still those days of “writers block” and wondering whether what I have written is a load of rubbish! However, Joanna’s advice of basically “get-on-with-it” and don’t keep revising has been a great help.

My background. I am Anglo-Italian and grew up in the UK and subsequently lived in Denmark, France/Switzerland and now in Italy. I started my working life in construction and attended university as a mature student. Much of my post-university work took me to many countries of the world: China; South East Asia; Mongolia; countries of the Former Soviet Union; the Caribbean; and Africa, in particular South Africa where I spent six months a year over a ten year period. I had first hand experience of the early years of transition in the Former Soviet Union including dealing with the social impact of closing Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (Slavutych the town built after the accident)

Apart from my reading interests, I enjoy cooking and experimenting with different cuisines. I have often cooked for up to thirty people (Italian, Chinese, Thai, Danish) and thoroughly enjoy eating in company. I come from a railway family (father, grandfather were station masters and great uncles, engine drivers on the LNER ) and that has remained in my blood! I have been helping with the plans to open what will probably be the first preserved railway line in Italy that will operate similar to those to be found in the UK.

I strongly believe in empowerment, whether it be  the poor in developing world or youth anywhere. Some of my favourite sayings are “Always look on the bright side of life” and “give dreams a chance“.

As to my private life I have an Italian wife who is very tolerant in helping me to achieve my writing dreams; a son, a daughter and two step daughters, and two granddaughters.

I stumble along in a number of languages (speaking Italian, Danish, French) and grasping text in German, Norwegian and Swedish.

Oh I almost forgot! I now and then torture my family by making them listen to the Goon Show whilst we are driving on long journeys. I have almost the full set of their shows.

TV series that probably had the greatest impact: Boys From the Black Stuff, Black Adder, Fawlty Towers

Films that I have probably enjoyed most. Amarcord, 1900, Ipcress File, Wake up Ned, Italian Job (Michael Cane – I live in Turin), Shirley Valentine, Some Like it Hot, The Odd Couple, and most films with Peter Sellers – especially his earlier films.


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